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  • Color Buildup

    Using Photoshop 7.01, how do you stop the color from building up when you paint over the same area at less than 100% opacity.
    A lot of times the area I want to apply paint to is larger than what I can see on my screen, if I remove my pen from the tablet and then move the viewable area and continue painting, wherever the paint overlaps, it builds up.


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    Ken, there is flow and opacity but no limit setting, ...

    you could zoom out, but you want to be zoomed in to see the detail, so ...

    paint on a seperate layer at 100% brush opacity, with the opacity of the layer set to what you want the limit to be, then after painting you can fine tune the opacity of the layer or vary the opacity of the layer with gentle painting on a mask (or vary the edges of the painting on the mask). You can also get a feeling that the painting is more "a part" of the image by using some of the layer blending modes like Color Burn or Soft Light, change the opacity of the layer to counteract the brightness change when you change blending modes.

    Hope this helps,


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      And if you ever need varying opacities of color, you can add a layer mask to the layer that Roger described and paint on it with varying shades of gray to simulate varying levels of opacity.



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