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Doubleexposition restoration

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  • Doubleexposition restoration

    Friends, I got very hard problem to solve. I have to restore this photo. There's a woman with her child laying on the ground doubleexposed by mistake with some landscape with surfer. I must erase the landscape and to restore the woman with the child. Got no clue where to start.

    Any ideas?

    Thanx in advance.
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    just an idea

    Im right now working on a pic so I dont have a lot of time left to work on this one but I gave it a quick try anyway.

    Select with the Lasso tool little parts, first the hair thats missing, then the hand, etc... then use the healig brush tool over and over again until you like what you see.

    then I guess you have to blur the edges of the parts so it looks realistic.

    i used this aproche on th ehair and the hand and it looks ok and judging from the rest of the pic it should work also on the rest.

    I guess i'll give it a try this weekend... could be fun hehehe

    back to my coffee