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Original photo texture problem

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  • Len
    Sorry about that part picture attached. As I said it is a very old picture and iit is giving me problems getting rid of the dimple effect. Using Gausian blur seems to lose to much detail and the original photo is very small so I would like to enlarge. Part picture attached. Thanks for your help so far

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  • Doug Nelson
    Try scanning at various angles. Sometimes you'll even want to paste different sections of different scans together to make one whole picture. For the very worst textures, try photographing with a digital camera instead of scanning. Use diffuse, even light (outdoors on a cloudy day is good), and make certain your camera is parallel to the image.

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  • jeaniesa
    Hi Len,

    Unfortunatey, your example didn't attach. Can you please try again? Make sure the file size is under 100KB. If you're having trouble understanding what that means, please see this tip.

    I can think of two types of textures that you might be referring to - one is much easier than the other to deal with. In general, I've found that as long as I don't enlarge an image, the texture doesn't seem to be much of a problem once printed. However, if you are trying to enlarge the photos in any way, it's a lot more difficult to work with.


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  • Len
    started a topic Original photo texture problem

    Original photo texture problem

    Ok I'm very new to photo retoucing, but I'm learning. However I do have what I think is a major problem with an old photograph. At first glance it looked fine, untill it was scanned. The problem is that the texture on the original photo (Mm, what's the best way to describe it, bubbly I guess for want of a better word) is showing through quite badly. I've attached just a small portion to show what I mean. I can fix other things on the photo but this bubble effect is giving me a problem. I would be grateful if anyone could tell me what the best method of eleminating the problem would be as I have one or two more photos with the same thing.

    Thanks Len Smith

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