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  • Calendar question

    Hi guys,

    I tried to make some table calendar which will be printed on 4R photo (i.e. 4inch x 6inch).

    I have a few question here:
    1. If i create new file and use 4 inch x 6 inch size, will my print out turn nice? If let's say I save it to Photo lab as JPEG format with highest quality.

    2. How do you guys create the calendar, i.e. the date,month everything? I'm trying to fit 1 year calendar with nice phot inside.
    Is there a quick and dirty way. To me I think it's easier for to create calendar in MS excel instead of photoshop.

    Thanks for helping..


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    I have a 2003 calendar from my dentist printed on 3" x 6" 'refridgerator magnet.' Looks fine.

    I'd say use non-serif font, like Ariel (or Helvetica). If you have Excel, do you have Word, too? Seems like Word would have calendar templates that would simplfy the calendar making considerably.

    I would definitely create the calender outside of Photoshop in Word, Excel or whatever program; copy / paste it into PS as a separate layer.

    Sounds like you should be OK.

    What is final resolution of image at highest .jpg compression? About 200-300 ppi ensures you will get crisp text.


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      Thanks Dan,

      Greatly aprreciated your input


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