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  • confused about channel mixer

    hi! I would like to ask you a qestion just been reading channel mixer and multichannel on the web but actually i still cant get it very much it says in channel mixer if the total RGB % is 100% then the image is ok but mine is still the same color with the one most of the percentage color comprising of my image. what did i do wrong? about multichannel why is it i convert to cmyk and yet thereis still black there?

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    I could speculate on this, but it would be much easier if you posted a copy of the orginal and told us the percent you set each channel. Then we could test it.


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      Garfield, you have two questions.

      On channel mixer, I agree with Andrew - save out the channel mixer adjustment file from the channel mixer dialog (save button) - which would be .cha files. Also crop out a small section and zip them both up for the forum to inspect...or a more concise and long winded explanation would be needed.

      On multichannel mode - I am not following you. MC mode simply 'separates' the original channels into g/scale channels which are no longer in a mode such as RGB/LAB/CMYK etc. It is usually a temporary work mode from one space to another, such as converting true duotone mode into spot channel EPS DCS 2 files. MC mode has specific uses - but not for many common users. What exactly are you doing (again, concise step by step detail is needed).

      I too would like to help, but I am feeling a little lost. <g>

      Stephen Marsh.
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        If you are using the channel mixer to convert to black and white then the "add up to 100%" guideline is a good one - but you need to have ticked the "monochrome" box.


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