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Cut and paste from other program to photoshop

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  • Cut and paste from other program to photoshop

    Hi there,

    I have tried to cut and paste some tables in microsoft word into photoshop, but I always have problems that some parts are missing like the table line, the number get cut off.

    Am I missing anything here? is there a proper way to do it?

    What i did is create a new file with 8x10 inch then cut and paste my tables.

    ANy clue?


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    I've never had the need to do this before, but just fiddling around with it, I find that you need to choose a Word table format with lines drawn in (instead of the simple default grid). Then Copy the table and go into PShop, create a New File and Paste.


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      In general, but perhaps not in this exact situation...

      It is often handy and sometimes wise to save the elements to a file, instead of or in addtion to direct copy/paste between differing applications.

      For graphics apps, .PS (PostScript file), .EPS, .AI and .PDF (Acrobat) are the most useful. One can also print to a file (rather than direct to a printer) using a PostScript printer driver and many apps can deal with this file.

      File Porting Tutorials - Tips and techniques for porting files between applications. Setting up a Macintosh and Windows network. Cross-platform file porting. How to port fonts between platforms. Porting with PostScript and PDF.


      Stephen Marsh.


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        I rightclicked on the little table icon in Word that appears at the top left corner whenever you hover the mouse pointer over the table, selected copy, then pasted into Photoshop.

        It appeared that the outer lines hadn't made it, until I zoomed in.
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