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  • A re-do!

    I recently fixed this photo but wasn't real happy with the results so this aft I attempted a do-over. Although it looks better this time, I'm still not happy with the top of the head where the new hair is attached and the choppy look of the bangs. Any suggestions?

    I got the new hair from another photo of the same child at a later age, and I cleaned up the bangs with the rubber stamp.

    still can't figure out why I can't attach here.

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    It looks like everything turned out good, except for the bangs. It looks as if one of the problems is the direction of the cloning. Although the bangs are basically vertical stripes, it appears as if you were cloning the bangs from left to right. I would suggest cloning from top to bottom. I would propably have tried to use the original bangs, as they don't look that bad (although it's hard to tell with the small photo). I hate to suggest it, but I would probably redo that area.


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      I had to look twice to find your concern with the "top of the head" where you attached the "hair piece". I think that if you were to do some cloning with strokes following the direction of the hair (like Vikki suggested for the bangs) that would solve your problem there. -Jeanie


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