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hair and ornament details

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  • hair and ornament details

    I try to mail it as TIFF but smtp server fails everytime , so I post it here.
    I am trying to retouch and color it, but could not get the hair details and ornament details. please help me to learn this. I am a newbe.

    my work is in the next post.

    thank you
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    my work

    its looks like hard, overexposed on face, just ignore background.
    I have used neat image for removing dusts, and lost the hair and ornament details...
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      I was very impressed with your results.... what were the setting with that Neat image, do you remember?

      Agree with you about the other, hope some of our Master Guru's with much more expertise than I will show you how to help this problem.

      Tried to darken the face's & used curves to bring back some of the lost hair. The woman is very lovely.

      Hope this helps .......
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        This is a beautiful picture.
        You did a fine job with it.
        Check out the woman's hair by bringing the brightness way up. You'll see problems there.
        As for making more definition in the hair you can dodge or paint hair in with a 1 pixel brush and then give it some character with displacement filters.

        I have to say, if this was an arranged marriage, this guy won the lottery.



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          I have to agree it is a beautiful and sensitive handling of the subject. The only thing I see is a slight 'halo' around the gentlemans head.

          Still, lovely work, you have used vibrant colours and still produced an authentic retouch.


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            MIG , I try it but couldnot find a suitable way to apply displacement filter,
            please explain a bit with example if you can



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              Hi Saikat, everybody!


              I think you did a great job on this picture ... your colorizing technique is superb! But I agree with you about the unreal "plastic' finish you got after using Neat Image .... (maybe the settings were too strong?)

              In my opinion, your picture wasn't actually too noisy so, in the example attached, to improve the skin without losing too many details, I didn't use Neat Image at all ... The technique I used is described in my submission in this thread

              I used the Curves to fade the overexposure a bit, and an Overlay Layer to enhance highlights and shadows.

              As you can see, I worked only on skin, hair and jewellery .... I'm not as good as you in colorizing, and the colours I used may not be of your liking, it's just one of the many methods you can try for improving and colorizing a picture while remaining as close as possible to the original photo texture. (usually, I would leave it 'noisier' than this .... )
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                hair and ornament details

                I miss this help section at first so I am posting here now,

                Flora, Mike, Mig, Goldcoin help me to rectify but I can't reach the optimal output.

                pls Read this post to help me

                Thank you


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                  Thanks Flora,

                  I try it, but there are some dust in hair till now, I cant blur to rectify it, as i lost details..

                  ornaments are quite ok

                  I am now successfull to rectify the plasic look, I shall post this method if I have enough time to made a tutorial on it.
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                    Saikat, try this article of mine for more on spotting.

                    The name is very suitable, as the subject matter is spots - and the correction should usually be applied that in spot areas rather than globally.

                    Why affect the whole image when it is only the dust that is the problem? Try darken or lighten blend modes, darken for light spots on dark backgronds and lighten for dark spots on light backgrounds, blending the filtered layer into the original.

                    Very nice work on the colouring, the skintone could do with some cyan in it, at the moment the ratio of cyan to magenta/yellow is a bit too low (assuming sRGB as the RGB description for this image).

                    P.S. A few touch ups are also required on the retouching/extraction, where the background does not meet up with the people quite right around the hair and other edges where a halo effect is formed.

                    This correction has a lot of impact!

                    Hope this helps,

                    Stephen Marsh.
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                      Recover 70% of jewellery

                      I have recovered 70% of jwellery.
                      I can be more prominent but it will lost originality. I am trying to overcome this problem, however Please send your opinion about that, How can I improve more ?

                      Stephen, I have just ignore background, I shall work on it later, jaust brush out the background.
                      I shall try your article...
                      thank you
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                        I think it's the basic coloration on the necklace that's off. What you want is for it to look a little bit more rich and a little bit less yellow.

                        I used the technique Flora described in Diddle's thread about painting black and white in a new layer set to overlay. Works wonderfully! It toned the color down and picked out some more of the detail in the necklace. Then I made a new layer, also set to overlay, and painted in a little bit of orange where I felt it needed it.

                        Is this more like what you were looking for?
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                          thank you for the tip themanda. I new it. But if I add orange the print it from lab the neckless is verymuch eye catching, orange parts made it hard in print, and it seems something odd in total picture, actually it looks like made by 18 c gold as the ornament usually made my 22 c. If this neckless is less yellow then it is hardly visible in printout, I mean Its not so perfect as gold ornament. I try another method if I success I shall post that here.

                          can you recover hair ?

                          also thanks Flora for her methods... I found in thi sforum and site
                          tips and tutorial posted by everybody is very usefull, thanks 2 everyone.

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                            Hi everybody!

                   always amazes me to see the flexibility, techniques and variations of our interpretations of the same picture!!! I think it's wonderful .... I'm so happy to be part of RP!

                            ....But back to Saikat's question:
                            ..can you recover hair ?
                            It's very difficult to 'recover' something that's not, or barely, there in first place .... but you could always 'borrow' it from another picture ....

                            That's what I did here .... is it of any help?
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