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  • hand drawing

    Hi just wondering if you guys tried to draw some artwork like logo or whatsoever, more to like cartoon, simple drawing then scan it
    and digitize in photoshop.

    Did you guys achieve a pleasant result? or is it better to just learn illustrator or freehand?


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    Ideally a "logo" should be clear and crisp. Also should be completely resizable for letter heads, business cards or even something big like a sign. Photoshop won't do either very well. It's a "rastor" program which means it draws by means of small square blocks, or pixels. You just cannot get a perfect, sharp curved line using square boxes. And if you blow up a small drawing it just blows up the jagged effect. Freehand or Illustrator are best for that. Use your hand drawing as a template then redraw using a true vector program like Freehand.


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