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  • strange eyes

    I''ve been working on a group of photos and this one has me puzzled. I haven't done anything to it yet, I have to remove the colour cast and restore it to a colour photo of this gentleman but one his eyes look like it has been replaced. They just don't look right to me. What do you think? Oh yeah and how would you approach the colour cast? I was thinking of turning it into B&W and recolouring it but somebody might have a better suggestion.
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    The man appears to be wearing a prosthetic. If that's the case, you can't very well replace it.
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      I agree with Doug that it looks like he has a prosthetic eye (right side) as the entire eye socket area is sunken in like others I've seen in the past.

      As for the colorization, you could convert it to greyscale and then tint it to look like an old sepia tone. I did that to one of my restorations (you can see it in my gallery).


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        hadn't thought of a prosthetic. that would make sense as he's a war vetran. Stupid me I didn't think of that. I wasn't going to replace it but it had me puzzled.


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          Re: how to make it color... it doesn't seem as if there is any color information left in the photo (if there was any to begin with). I would approach it just like you've already decided. Turn it into B&W, then colorize it. (I assume the client requested color? If not, I'd just make it sepia like ArtistColumbus suggested.)



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            Sandra I down loaded it and gave it a try.

            go to levels/options/checkcheck find dark & light colors& snap neutrals at midtones and this will help adjust the cast, lighten and go to adjust saturation to balance color.

            This will get you close and you can fine tune from there.

            The right eye, I am not sure what it is but if you use the healing tool you can blend it in with the rest and it looks normal.

            Do the scratch/dust process. When I have blemished skin I find that if I use the blur tool it will blend the skin. You have to stay away from the eyes nostrals and lips. and then unsharp filter brings it back
            It looked pretty good and I did it reallyquick.

            Hope it helps,anyway another way to trry.


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              If this thread is still open -

              There IS colour info there, reduce the yellow cast by a LOT, then add about equal points of cyan and magenta, then work from there. This pic acually comes up quite nice - a bit of the clone-bandage tool (again foget its name.. poor memory here) around the eye, and remove the reddish splotches and it's good..


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                Hi Sandra, You helped me a lot a few weeks ago and I am all set in with my elements - still struglling but having fun. I looked at your picture and it looks like he was wearing a monocal - did you notice that. Please let me know how it ends up. Jean


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                  By the way - how do you reduce color cast? Where do I go in elements - variations? Jean


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                    sorry I've been so slow responding, I'm recovering from a major windows crash. I had to get a new HD and recover all my files from the old HD. (yuck)

                    yes it has to be colour, I have 9 more just like it . It's a job with 18 photos in varying conditions but the yellow cast ones are the most difficult. They are photos of the past presidents of a club and the client would like them restored. It seems they were on display in a cabinet in the sun for many years that's what has discoloured them so badly. I'm lucky though because there are one or two good ones to give me a guide as the the correct colours to use as they are all wearing the same jackets

                    Thanks Phil and Fluffbutt,
                    I'll try to reduce the yellow cast before I do anything else. Your tips are most welcome and appreciated.

                    As far as the eye goes I think Doug and Artist Colombus are right it is a prosthetic eye, as all of the gentlemen in this set of photos are Returned Service men and he could have lost his eye in war.

                    Hey Jean, how are you?

                    I'll post my results when I get this photo done and trry to remember the steps I take, it may help others if I'm successful.

                    Thanks all for your help and input, I really appreciate it.