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    HI! Long been here. i would like to ask i have a single photo of a flower i willbe creating a card for my mom this coming mothers day. and i try to make the flower duplicate in layers and resize and change opacity along the way. but why is it every time i use the free transform. Wow, there are edges appearing in the image? What is wrong? I cant use burn or smudge or anything. Virtually im thinking of tools, i just dont know what. Help me a little on this one even ideas will be ok. thanks!

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    I'm wondering if you haven't actually "committed" the transform? Sometimes I have to hit "enter" twice to get the transform to take effect. If you are seeing edges, I think that means you are still in the edit transform mode and all other tools are disabled. Try hitting "enter" one more time and see if that helps.



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      yup i have committed it and i have tried to erase it but no hope. i just lowered the opacity and hope that when it printed it wont be seen by my mom. WHat could i do for this?


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        Any chance you can post an example of what you're referring to? I'm not sure I really understand what's going on without seeing the problem. It doesn't make sense that you wouldn't be able to clone/erase over the "edge".



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          well this is the image you requested jeaniesa. thanks as always for eaerly replies. BTW, sorry for the image. it just not the real flower but at least its the flower that matters right? The one at the red ink is the edge lines that i keep saying. i just duplicate the layer and then use free transform sorry for the bad image again. im still not a retouch pro btw.
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            Seeing your example, I'm guessing that you have a 1-2 pixel strip of white on one or more of the edges of your image. So when you duplicate the layer and transform it, the white strip shows up against the dark background.

            Enlarge your picture 400-500% and view the very edge of each side of your image. You should be able to see even a 1-pixel strip of white at that magnification. You'll either need to clone over it or crop it off before you do any transforms.

            Hope this helps,


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              hmm. so i use the clone stamp tool ok? is there any other way im not very good with that clone yet. Where should i clone on all layers or even on the original one that i doubled?


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                It would be much easier just to use the crop tool (my second suggestion - which really should have been the first .) Just crop a small sliver off of whatever sides have a strip of white. (If you hold down the control key while adjusting the crop edges, they won't snap to the edge.)

                If it were me, I would crop/clone the original pic and start over with the transformations. If you don't want to do that, then you'll have to clone everywhere you see white lines that you don't want.



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