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need help removing a crease from a face

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  • need help removing a crease from a face

    This is a photo of a family friend the photogragph got folded in quarters sometime in its history and I have been working to remove them but am stuck on the womans face.

    anyone have a suggestion

    also the spots all over her blouse, what is an easy way to remove them.

    thank you
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    This one was kind of difficult to work on because of the JPEG artifacts. I used the clone tool.

    I only did a little cloning on the worst spots on the blouses. The artifacts made it hard so I didn't go too far with them.
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      Great job Jak...


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        wow thank you jak that is an amazing job you did this is one of my favortie web sites, everything and everyone is so helpful.

        I'm going to have to dig one more photo out I am stumped on down the road.

        Thanks again for your help jak



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          Hi, This is a difficult one to figure out ...

          Her left eye (shadow side) is larger than her right, so that is the larger side of her face, which goes in accordance with her jaw being bigger on her left side. But even with that her nostril looked way bigger than it could possibly be. So I made the executive decision that the image had moved away from the other side in the tearing. Using the bottom of the dresses to make sure I had the up/down positioning right I moved the right side towards the left until it made sense to me for the shape of her face.

          Then just clean up, without going all the way ( I felt like if I went further I would lose the shape of her face). Used the red channel to convert to greyscale then back to color and colorize slightly.

          To remove the spots on the dress you might try a curves adjustment layer to lower the contrast and lighten, but keep a feeling of texture ... then clone out any remaining spots with the clone tool in lighten mode.

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            More can be done with this image by desaturating first before using the clone tool. After the clone repairs have been done a sepia tone can then be added.
            Here is a link to a retouching topic with an image that isn't quite as damaged but the processes are the same.


            and here
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