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Need some help with this Black & white

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    4) I used the Radial Gradient to replace the background... (to avoid a flat one colour backdrop) and merged the image. [/B][/QUOTE]

    Hi Flora:

    I really love the version you did! Bravo! You are a master!!

    I was wondering if you could break down step 4 a bit further with how you used the radial gradient. Did you first select her face with the quick mask?

    Also, what is the "layer via copy" technique?

    Thank you very very much for your help,


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      Hi Diane,

      Thank you so much for your kind words...

      ...The answer to you question is yes, I selected the woman (using whatever selection tool or technique you feel comfortable with) and copied her on her own layer, placing it above the 'Radial Gradient Layer I had already prepared.

      I did all this while still working on a desaturated picture.... with the colour picker I chose a darker and a lighter grey from the image and placed the lighter spot taking into consideration the direction of the light on her face, (from left to right).
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        ....and as for the Layer via Copy technique, It was one of the first Tip
        I found in internet ....

        It consists in selecting (a good) part of the picture and, if you use Widows, hit "Ctrl+J" to copy the selection on its own Layer. After this, you can move "V" the newly copied selection to cover wathever you want to hide on the underlying Layer.
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