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Need help with retouching

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  • Need help with retouching

    My parents wedding picture is water damaged. I have tried to fix it but I am so inexperienced. Can anyone offer advice or help me ? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me
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    Welcome to RetouchPRO!
    You've come to a good place for help and advice, and I know that you'll get some folks showing you how they would do some or all of this restore. At least the faces are undamaged for the most part - that makes it easier. The dresses and flowers appear to be the most affected by the damage.

    Do you have a full size image to work with -- rather than the smaller, rather than the compressed version that you had to use to upload to this forum? It helps when you have a good scan with the proper resolution.

    In the meanwhile -- tell us what you already know how to do -- are you just starting, or have you had some practice, but still a novice, or what? It will help us know how to explain steps to you if we know just where you are in the learning curve. We've all been at the beginning, and this forum helps all of us learn more, so don't worry about your skill level.

    Do you use Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, PSP, or something else? Again -- it helps us know how to explain if we know which tools you have.


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      I don't have the original photo, somehow it got lost so I can't rescan it. I use PSP 8 , the cloning tool, I am not good with the cloning tool. I do have Adobe Elements 2.0 too but I haven't used it for retouching. I am mostly skilled at creating digital watercolor of photographs. Would be nice if someone can do the retouching for me but I wouldn't want to impose on anyone.


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        I downloaded it to try and work on it, but by the time I make it large enough to work with, the JPEG artifacts have all but taken over. Makes it kind of seem like trying to work with vaseline all over your glasses...

        The quality of the scan is a pretty important part of being able to do a good retouching/restoration job - is there no chance at all of finding the original to make a better scan?


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          This is not very good, but my hand is tired, and I hate to work with wedding gowns , so I'm giving up now. You can get an idea of what YOU can do for your mother's photo.

          I hope that Jak and others will give it a try in spite of the poor resolution and jpeg artifacts, but here's an improvement over the original damage. I don't use PSP anymore, and never really learned which tools it had, so I'm not sure what to tell you since I used the PShop 7 healing brush and texture brushes along with some cloning and smudging. Also did levels adjustments, plus some burning and dodging.

          You can learn the clone tool and other PSP tools - there are some tips and tutorials here on this website plus others spread all over the web. Good luck!
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          CJ Swartz
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            I went thru my cds, and found the same picture which is a bmp file of 568 kb , would that help? I had scanned the picture long time ago , few years anyway and saved it to cd. I went thru all my old photos and cannot find the original. I did find the negative of the picture but not the picture itself. Negative was made of the orginal and it shows the damage. Unfortunately I don't have a negative scanner.


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              Att : CJ

              Thank you for trying to restore the picture. Still haven't found the original tho. Sorry took so long to reply, was busy with other things.


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                Diane, You could have the negative scanned, or have an 8x10 glossy made from the negative, and scan that.



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                  I downloaded, and I just can't figue out the water damage - maybe the water damage is mostly hidden by the lack of color (if the damage was originally a different color tone) and the jpeg artifacts. Most of what I see when I look close seems that it "could" be natural...maybe it is just me, but this photo is really very pretty - and would look just fine the way it is. Straighten and clean up a little, maybe add a little texture to help with the jpeg artifacts, and print a 4x6 is my suggestion.

                  If you want to go larger get a high res scan of the negative at a lab that caters to professional commercial photographers. If you are not sure where to go, look in the phone book under Photographers, Commercial ... call a couple and ask them who they would suggest.

                  Good luck, Roger