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Some help with gif transparency please

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  • Some help with gif transparency please

    Hello everyone,
    I am doing a logo for a website. The site is using CSS scripting on the page. As the page changes color, the logo has to show up. I created the logo, adding a slight glow to the image and text. It shows up great on both colors. order to save it for the guy to use it, the image flattens, or the filter hardens to a white outline and spill. I saved as png, and sent it to him, but when he loaded onto his page, it loaded with a white background and will not change with the page color. How can we save it truly transparent, so the one image, will show infront of what ever background comes up.

    Thanks to all of you.

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    I don't think you can do what you're trying to do. The problem (if I understand your description correctly) is the glow that you added. While our eye sees the glow as transparent (i.e., the background color shows through), there isn't that kind of "transparency" in a GIF file. A pixel is either transparent or it isn't. So, if you have a glow, the pixels which contain the glow effect also contain a little of the background color. There's no such thing as 50% opacity for a pixel. (Does that make sense?)

    I see two solutions to your problem:

    1. Remove the glow effect.


    2. Create two different logos, one on each background color. Then the webpages must differentiate between the two in the design. Not the most flexible and robust way of doing things, but if the glow is important, it's the only way I know to do it.

    Hopefully someone will prove me wrong and tell you there IS a way to do this!



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      Yes I understand you perfectly jeanie. And I did create the 2 separate colors. He will have to decide if this is the way he wants to go. Maybe someone will have the answer, but I don't know. I searched this for hours and couldn't come up with anything other that what you advised. But who knows what magic is out there.



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        Make your background transparent, then run Help > Export Transparent Image. A wizard will open and do everything you need to preserve the transparent layer for web.


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          Thanks Conk, but that's basically the same as saving optimized for web. I'm still left with the solid glow rather than the soft I need. Thanks very much for the advice though. From all I've seen, saving the image on the proper colored bkgd separately is the only way to go.