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  • Cleaning up PT

    This is an image a friend asked me to clean up. Her son, Dr. PT Marvell, died early last year, and they want to get this lasered onto the tombstone. Unfortunately, the image they want to use has been lost, and the only scan wasn't very good, nor was it very high resolution.

    I have taken the original scan, increased its size, and tried to clean it up some.

    Anyone have recommendations of what else I should be doing? I want to have a clean look for the laser.


    PS. if you want a large image, I can post it. Let me know if you want the clean or original to work with.
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    Hi Tyeise,

    I've downloaded your image .... I'll get back to you as soon as possible...


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      Thanks Chuck.

      I had considered taking out the chair, but hadn't thought about cloning out the finger.

      I need to check with the customer on those, and on the shirt. When I am all finished, I will add the unsharp mask.

      Thanks for your suggestions.



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        I agree about the shirt and finger. I have never heard of transfering a photo via laser to stone! Sounds interesting... Got any links that would tell us more about this technology? How "clean" does an image need to be?


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          Originally posted by G. Couch
          I agree about the shirt and finger. I have never heard of transfering a photo via laser to stone! Sounds interesting... Got any links that would tell us more about this technology? How "clean" does an image need to be?

          This techniique intrigued me also , here's a link I found with samples of actual work. It's amazing.



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            Very nice job!

            Here I did some other corrections which, I see, have been advised by everybody ... meaning his fingers and the chair ...

            I don't know which program you use ... the corrections I made were done with PS7 ....

            After having covered his fingers using the Layer via Copy technique, I selected the young man and copied him on his own Layer.

            I corrected the strong magenta colour on his face using the Apply Image.

            I used a soft (fuzzy) airbrush mode set to colour , opacity 10-30% to selectively correct shadows and discolorations on his face.

            I use a radial gradient to replace the background.

            Finally I used the custom filter to sharpen the image a bit...

            I don't know if it's clean enough for your purpose, though...
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              Ken - Thanks for looking up the info. I haven't seen anything on it yet, and haven't felt I could ask much from my customer/friend, as she still struggles with the loss. I still need to find out if they would prefer a print or a computer file.

              Flora - having seen some of your wonderful work before, I knew you'd do a superb job. Thanks for your hints. I use PSP, but everyone here has been great about helping me with hints to "translate" from PS to PSP and putting them to work for me. I haven't heard of Apply Image though. What specifically does it do?

              As for him being "clean" enough... it has to be. They have no other photo they are willing to use. What ever I end up with, is what there will be.

              I'll work on this some more, and post a copy when I'm done. This will probably be a while.

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                Here's the finished version - what do you think?

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                  I agree with Chuck about his Mother.... and after seeing the laser etching examples from the link Ken provided, I'm sure it'll look very good on the stone as well ....


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