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  • Angel

    Hi to all__Here's one my all time favorites___MH
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    Not sure what category you mean for this one, Murray. If it's something you restored or retouched, this forum has traditionally been the one where folks have posted those types of images.

    If you are looking for feedback from a photo-art perspective, this forum would probably be a better one for that. (Similar names and concepts; different neighborhoods/areas of interest.)

    No big deal and I'll assume the latter.

    Since I can only see the "squished down version" for this forum, I'll comment on what I see. It it probably looks different in real life. That said, conceptually this is a great piece and since I have an almost-seven (going on 27) year old daughter, I completely agree with the message.

    Since you applied a canvas-like texture, I'll assume, too, that were trying to give it a painted look (regardless of style). It doesn't look very painted to me. It looks like a photo onto which a texture was applied, which looks a bit out of place.

    If the intent for the text was to be "the title" of the folder/music/whatever she's holding, it looks a little too perfect. Again, it could be this image, but it appears to have been applied after (on top of) the texture. Maybe rough it up a little or render the texture into the image (merge down), then apply the texture. If it was meant to be a title for the image, I'd move it closer to the bottom of the image, below her fingers, for example so as not to confuse it with the document title.

    So, if you removed the texture, you'd have a dynamite image. If arty it up with some brush strokes like I've seen you do, you'd have a dynamite image. Ya can't lose either way.



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      Danny__I'll answer your critique from my perspective__the texture was applied to keep the photo from being duplicated as a photograph, which I truly believe to be special.

      The printing was done before the texture was applied in a moment of pleasure in viewing this beautiful child. On my website, I have a cropped version of this special photograph in a finish that I believe to be suitable__I have strong views on Art and Photography and take them very seriously.

      Thanks for viewing my work and commenting___MH


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        Yo MH

        "...the texture was applied to keep the photo from being duplicated as a photograph..."

        I guess dat means ya don' like ta share. Your art too pimp-tight? Your photographs too pimp-tight? What?

        Much o' what I see iz from ya has way too much texture, too saturated, too sharp, an' most has nasty artifact as uh result. an don't make me pull mah gat!

        n. pl. progeny or prog·e·nies

        One born of, begotten by, or derived from another; an offspring or a descendant.

        I guess dat might mean I can use dis here stuff of yours as muh ma own. I changed da things around enough, I tink. I didn't git around ta it all, only had so much tyme an' dere wuz so much stuff in dere. Next tyme. You're not going ta sue muh butt, iz ya? I hope not. what 'chew thinking man?

        Don't take yourself so seriously.

        thanks to for the translation

        and thanks to
        for the pic

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          You bust me up! That Ebonics translator is a riot. Does it work in reverse so I can decompile what you said? (LOL)


          Don't get ruffled by Mig's comments. Behind the facade is an incredibly talented Photoshop (and other program) craftsman from whom I've learned a lot.

          He was just busting your chops here.


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            Re: Angel

            Originally posted by Murray Harkavy
            the texture was applied to keep the photo from being duplicated as a photograph, which I truly believe to be special.
            That is an excellent idea! And I agree that it's a special image. Very pleasing!



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              Murray -- I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- I love your work. I love the textures, the lighting, the composition, and especially your choice of subjects. This one is indeed an Angel.


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                Murray, I too love your work, and have enjoyed immensely the wonderful paintings you have shared. Each piece seemed to have a museum quality, very rare in digital art. You are an inspiration to me, thank you



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