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  • I need to take a short break...

    I just wanted to let you all know that I'll be taking a short break from RP. I've got a huge deadline that I'm working towards at the end of June and new tasks are being added to my plate almost daily. RP is usually a place of respite for me, but the past few days I've felt my stomach tightening whenever I think about logging on - wondering what subtle and not-so-subtle cutting remarks - towards me or (especially) anyone else - I would find interspersed throughout the new posts. It saddens me greatly that the tone of the forums has become so divisive lately. I'm sure that some will blame me for the divisiveness - either for making one of the remards that seems to have started us down this path and/or for remaining silent in the heat of the "discussion." I would just like to say for the record that my silence has been one of complete overwhelm and a feeling of just wanting to run away - with a few moments of utter frustration and anger thrown in. (I felt it better for all concerned that I not post at those moments. ) As a result, I feel that I haven't been living up to my title as "moderator" and I apologize to everyone for that.

    I greatly appreciate how everyone chips in to help those needing assistance fixing images. It makes my job a lot easier! That said, I do need to take a short break - at least a week, perhaps till July. It depends on how many other things get piled on my plate before my deadline at the end of June. If those of you who like to participate in the Critiques/Help Requests forum wouldn't mind checking to see that requests for assistance are at least acknowledged while I'm on break, I'd really appreciate it. (Actually, I know you all will do more than that, so thank you in advance.) And I promise you won't be "stuck" with the job forever.


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    Don't worry -- we'll respond to each question/request for help, and do our best to offer good info and assistance. Of course, some of us can't do those beautiful solutions you create, so be sure to come back when you meet your deadlines and have a rest.

    As for the recent spate of ugly posts, we didn't expect you to take part. Usually the best solution is letting it burn out on its own. Things will be friendly again when you return.


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      I understand the work load situation. I'm going through it myself lately.

      Get to work, work hard, finish it, take a few days to yourself, and come back soon. We'll be fine, but we'll miss you while your gone.


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        Get your work done, and don't worry about RP for a while. We will have people who are insensitive from time to time, but we have that in all walks of life. Don't let it get to you. You are one of the brightest shining stars on RP, and a big asset to any community. Hope to see you back before long.



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          ... count me in... (you know I love it!!) ..... just looking forward to seeing you back ....


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            This is a positive....... We can't do without you for very long. So hurry, slowly!


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              I have been lucky, I just got back from my run of busy - back just in time to have missed any "bad stuff". Allways! do what you need to do for you, RP needs to be fun to last ... we want it to be fun for you.

              More fun good
              More stress bad
              Work and Relax until you're ich'in
              To go RP'in
              We will be here



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                Jeanie, luck with the deadlines and do come back as soon as you feel ready for it. I know exactly how you are feeling


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                  Jeanie, I hope the break is successful and you can come back soon. I know I will miss you and so will a lot of good people here. I have been busy myself and haven't been around as much as I wanted to be. I'm still chasing that carrot trying to get my business up and running.

                  Come back soon.


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                    Well, I just couldn't stay away, no matter how much I tried. Even on my "break" I found I needed pieces of information that I knew I could only find here. Talk about a valuable resource!!

                    Thanks to everyone for your comments here and your private messages. They mean a great deal to me.

                    My plate is still really full so I won't be back "full time" until July, but I'll pop in to say "hi" every now and then. I appreciate your patience.



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                      Glad to see you back, even for a second or two. This place is irreplaceable, isn't it?


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                        Great! I'm glad your back. Someone has to answer my dumb questions. You always do a good job.


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