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  • Help! Scalped

    Has anyone any suggestions on how I might recreate the top of the hat / head in this photo?

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    It looks like your attachment didn't take. Without seeing it, I can only suggest "borrowing" a section from another photo. If our Archives were still online it would have been an ideal place to find such a thing (they'll be back soon). But, I don't think anyone on the web would begrudge you a hat or top of a head. Try Google's image search.
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      Sorry I only just gotten around to resending the photo - been having too much fun in the photo art room

      This is a photo of my wife's grandmother taken around 1920 - I would like to be able to restore the top of the image so that it looks as if she hasn't been 'scalped'


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        Hello Ray,

        This was fun to play with. I started by using the black and white filter to give it a bit more contrast so I could see what I was working with. I also used a filter to get rid of some of the worst of the compression artifacts.

        Rebuilding the top of her head was made much simpler because of the type of hat she is wearing. It was very popular in the '20s and has a very simple look. Added canvas at the top so I'd have some room to work, then using the clone brush I moved up the colors to get the general shape of the head, and then used the smudge brush to soften the edges and add a bit of background.

        I didn't do anything more to restore, even though it would have been fun, because you specifically asked for help with the top.

        Hope this is to your liking, and helps.

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