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removing heavy shadows


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    I have Photoshop CS2

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  • removing heavy shadows

    Hi Folks,
    My Bunny and I have returned to get your opinions on removing shadows.
    It's the dark shadowing around the arms and shoulder that I'm concerned with. I'll probably clone the shadow around the ears.

    my bunny
    What method/methods work best for you?


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    Heavey Shadows

    You can try this

    New Layer: Paint white over shaows only, change opacity so that dark shadows are whiter than light shadows, aplly Gan Blur at about 4 to 5 to soften white edges, change to soft light and adjust opacity, this will reduce darkness of shadows, should you touch the skin you can erase on the same layer

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      thx Col,
      You did an excellent job removing the shadows. (albeit tiny) lol

      I've been practicing your technique and I get closer with each attempt.

      thx again,


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        Yes, nice solution Col! It works wonders!