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a 'hairy' situation

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  • a 'hairy' situation


    i am working a photo that required changing the color of the stripes on a woman's shirt from light blue/dark blue to gray/burgundy. the stripes were the easy part. i used the 'paintbrush' and set the 'mode' to 'color'. i then selected the pantone color that i was trying to match and applied it. now i am stuck because i need to apply the color under the hair that is on her shoulders. i would appreciate any help in figuring out the best (and easiest method in colorizing those pieces between the hair as natural as possible.

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    here is the photo...if this helps!

    the areas in questions are highlighted in magenta.
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      Often the best method evolves by testing. But considering that he original shirt is blue and the hair is not, the first thing I would try is clicking on the original with the magic wand near the hair on the blue, and then adjust the tolerance and click again until I get it right. Or, I'd take a look at the blue channel and see if I can click on that instead.

      Or, I might try the Select Color Range tool to isolate this area.

      Once I had my selection, I'd probably convert it to a layer mask, so I can tune the edges with a soft brush (if needed). Then I'd dump in the new color on the new layer that has the layer mask.


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        I think if you could post a larger example it would be easier to reply.



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          Heres a quick easy way to fix that little problem of yours. First use the square marquee to select around the shirt copy and paste to a new layer. Go into image- adjustments- select coror. use the eyedropper to pick the color you want to change. then go slide the cmyb until you get the color disired. after you are happy with the color. use the soft easer brush aroung the outside edge of the shirt (not on the shirt.) to soften the join then merge the two images together. I hope this helps!