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  • Newspaper Photo

    Here's one I hope you can help me with. It's from a newspaper. I tried copying the BG layer and applyng gausian blur which helped, but I'm not sure where to go from there. Any instructions would be a big help.


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    This is way hard! Chuck's suggestions are perfect, especially scanning witha piece of black paper behind the newsprint. The black ink will blend in with the black paper ... You can also use descreen in you scanning software if it has the capability.

    The only other trick I know is a tedious one of careful use of the smudge tool. I am attaching a fairly quick detail sample. After smudging I sharpened (low radius, high amount 25, 250?), then added a little noise.

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      Roger - nice work. I thought about doing something along those lines and decided that I was too tired last night. <g>



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        Thanks for the help. This is for a one time retirement thing so I think I'll go for the blur and skip the smudging. I'll save that for something more important.



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