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  • Gene

    It was suggested that I come here and so far I'm glad I did, I am not a young person, but I have been busy with computers for some time, started out with Dos system in 1987, I use a digital camera every day and now I need to learn retouching of my photographs.
    I have a question for anyone that would care to respond. I would like to see if what I want to learn is here..I have a photograph of myself taken in 1960, it was torn up by a unfriendly first wife and taped togeather by second and present wife..she has asked for me to restore it..the tape that was used to hold it togeather has turned yellow, Is this the place for me to learn and to get help on this photograph? and if so how do I post the picture?
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    Welcome Gene! You've come to the right place! There's lots of helpful information to be found on how to restore your photo. In fact, there's a recently posted thread about the same problem of yellow tape on a photo. You can find it by clicking here . Look at everyone's comments (especially Roger's). If there is something that you don't understand, please don't hesitate to ask. We all love to help everyone else and each one of us has learned a lot from this site!

    There are some great general tip about this site, including how to post your picture, etc. Forum Tips You can also check for more info under the search menu. Just type in something like "new post," "how to post," etc. to find what you need.

    Glad you're on board!

    PS. Great lookin' guy!


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      Thank you Jennifer, being my age, I have a lot of old pictures, so now I have to find out what I'm doing and if I need to go to differant areas to get help in restoring some of them. it will take me a few day to get all this in to my slow working head.

      when I post will it be available to everyone? or do I have to go to a area to do certain things such as a challange with a photograph? and if I'm in the wrong place to ask these questions would you point me in the right direction..Please.


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        Are you looking to only post the final version in your own little gallery? If so go to Gallery (found in the pop out menu the left side of this window). When that window is open, you should see something at the top that say "My Gallery." You can then upload your photo into there. Other members will be able to look at your photo and comment on it, but will not be able to post there own examples if they want to show how they achieved a certain result. If that's wha tyou are looking for, post a New Thread under the Restoration, Retouching, and Manipulation forum. That one will look much like this forum here where eveyone can download your original (if that what you upload in your first post) and restore it or part of it with explanations as to how the achieved it. If you ask for a step-by-step approach, many members will do that for you. When you post your new thread, mention what program you use so that you can get information based for that program.

        Good luck! Can't wait to see the photos and fell fre to ask more questions if you need to.


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          Hello Gene,

          Looks like Jen is giving you very good tips here --- but i think your post with the image should be in the help section.

          This is an area where you post a question for help (W/Image) and others will share steps to help you, a lot of the members post the "after" image to show the results of their steps.

          Good Luck! - and welcome to Retouch!


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            No here would be fine, and I think you for your help..I guess I just wait tell I hear from someone ok...


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              Good point Jill. Duh. I forgot about the fact that there is a Help firum itself.

              See Gene, we all learn a few things.


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                Hello Gene,

                I see a moderator moved you to the help section.

                I am not good with this type of restoration but thought I'd give it a try. You will find many people here who work with the channels (something I just have not mastered) they will be able to work the original colors.

                I desaturated the image, then used the clone stamp and healing brush to fix the damage in the photo.
                I copied the hair line on the left side and applied it to the right, used Edit, Transform, Skew to fit it in, did the same thing with the collar of the shirt.
                Once I got the desaturaed image where I wanted it I started to color (many layers). Used Bruce Beard's chart for skin and hair (link:
                It's in the Resources section of the site.

                Then used dodge and burn to add depth. Finally flatten the image then used the clone stamp along with smudge to clean up the edges. Some Hue/Saturation, contrast to taste.

                Here is what It came out as.

                Hope this helps.
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                  You mentioned that you wanted to learn. What program do you use for working on graphics?

                  I work with Paint Shop Pro. I thought I would give you a hint as to where I would start with this image.

                  I used the hue/saturation/lightness tool, editing the yellows, and made them a little pinker, and a lot lighter. This gives quite a good color correction, and is where I would start before trying to repair some of the rest of the damage.

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