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    I'm not sure if this is the right forum but I could use a little help. About a month ago I burned about 600 Megs of images on a CD. No problems. Yesterday I tried to retrieve some old flower photos and they wouldn't open up. The CD just sat there and ran but nothing happened.

    If I go to windows explorer and look at the contents of the CD, all the files are there. I can open about 1/3 of the images.

    I tried the CD on my old machine with the same results.

    There are no scratches or any other visible problems.

    Anybody else have a problem like this?

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    Sorry to hear about your problems accessing your files

    I have had simlar problems before with disks. I have got round the problem by either using another computer to retrieve the files ( I have on occation used several different drives without any luck and then all of a sudden the files come off?????!) or you could try copying the disk with something like nero or a simlar program.

    Have you tried taking the files off the disk into another folder on your computer one at a time? or are you just trying to open them?

    Hope this helps


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      Crone I have not tried to copy the disk with Nero. I do have that program on my machine. I'll give it a try.

      I have tried 3 different cd drives with no luck.

      I can salvage some of the files by taking them off one at a time.



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        I don''t know if this will help but I've used this program to recover files from a damaged disk. They have a demo .

        Hope it helps you.


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          Thanks Sandra. That program will recover all but two of the images..


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