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    The image that goes with this is below in a reply to this post.

    One of the problems I run into is present in the attachment. If you look at the blue channel there is a "film" like a dirty window is in front of the image. Presuming I cannot correct by cleaning the actual photo, how might I remove the "dirt" in Photoshop?? I am using 7.01.
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    Hmmmm, not much luck. If you keep the file size to 100K or under, and save as a .jpg, you shouldn't have any problem attaching it. Welcome to the site, and good luck.



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      Here's Image

      Last try then I'll give up my career making a living in computers...
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        I'm not sure what you mean by dirt in the blue channel. Maybe you're talking about jpg artifacts? Anyhow, I took a quick shot at it. Basically what I did was to take a reading of the pupil of an eye for color information since we know it's black. I found the red channel was lacking, so I made a curves adjustment layer, and targeted the red channel. Then I held down ctrl. and clicked on the pupil to find my red channel point in the pupil of the eye. I then used the up arrow on the keyboard to bring it to within one point of the blue and green channels. I did the same thing with the white of the eye (even though this is not a pure white), then made a contrast adjustment in the curves dialog box, but under the RBG mode. I didn't do anything with the other damage. Maybe someone else will let me know if I'm on the right track or not.

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          Such a precious couple of kids!

          I started by looking at the individual channels, and using Alien Skin's Image Doctor/JPEG repair on a couple of layers. I then put the channels back together again, and added a layer of the green channel with the blend mode set to luminocity. I merged these, and put this layer over a copy of the original image. I used clarify on the original layer.

          On the jpg repaired layer, I used grey world color balance, and then automatic color balance. I set this layer to color legacy blend mode, and merged with the original layer.

          I then took some of the better color areas, selected the color, and using change to color, target, I got rid of the worst of the yellowing.

          I then used the clone brush and the smudge brush to repair the damage at the bottom.

          If you would like an uncompressed full size version, say as a tif file, let me know, and I'll email it to you.

          It could still use a bit more cleanup work, I only spent about an hour on it.

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