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Scanning textured prints

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  • Scanning textured prints

    I have a few prints I would like to scan that have a textured surface. Under magnification they appear to have little diamond-shaped dots all over the surface. When scanned, there is a sort of rosette pattern, visible especially in areas of even tone, like the sky.

    With Photoshop I have tried all sorts of techniques: blurring then sharpening, despeckle filter, reduction of resolution after scanning it higher than necessary, scanning slighltly off-angle, etc. Nothing seems to work very well.

    Does anyone here have a solution to this problem?

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    Anthony, a common request - try these links:


    Stephen Marsh.


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      Thanks for the links. I was very unsure how to describe my problem, but it is clear that "textured" got the idea across. Thanks, again!


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