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  • 50th wedding ann prez

    Hi everyone,

    I'll post my request here quiet frankly because I don't know where else . I don't know if it is even appropriate for retouchpro but chuck it out then I want to make a lasting memento for my parents 50th wedding anniversary next year. Firstly I wanted to make them a photobook with pictures from all the generations before and after them but then I realised it would just leave the cupboard a few times and then only gather dust. Then I decided a poster full with the pictures organized in a sort of timeline could be nice to, or a kaleidoscope????? Do any of you creative wizzes have any other great idea’s?? Ideas greatly appreciated

    Thanks a lot


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    Gina, this sounds like a fun project!

    I did a collage for my husband's 40th birthday - starting with his baby photo in the upper left and ending with the most recent in the lower right. I included pictures of him and his family over the years. Found his "shoebox" of photos that he kept from childhood, so knew those were important to him. Also trips that we took, etc. Each photo was on its own layer and I used layer masks to blend them all together. Left a small space for an appropriate quote. It turned out really nice. (I'd post it here, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't want it posted on the web. I'll see if I can persuade him though.)

    A kaleidoscope might be kind of nice as a "centerpiece". In fact, I just did this for a client who was making a "poster" for HER parent's 50th anniversary. I made a kaleidoscope of their wedding picture and left a space in the middle to put "50th anniversary". She was then going to put that in the center of her poster and put the other photos all around it. Again, I don't have permission to post or I would.

    One thing that my mother did for my grandparents 50th was write to all of their friends/relatives and ask for any pictures they might have of my grandparents with their friends. The friends sent back all sorts of pictures and wonderful letters full of memories. This was put in an album of course (not a poster), but it was very meaningful to my grandparents! And now that they have passed on, it's great for us to have the stories about our grandparents - not to mention the pictures.

    I hope this gives you some ideas!



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      Thanks Jeanie for the extra info.
      How large was the actual file you made and did you print it out or had you finished it as a photograph? With all the pics I have and want to put in there I’ll have to resort to paper, glue and scissors again or pay an arm and a leg .



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        I had a client once that took my restored photos and printed them on canvas, then stitched them into a memory quilt along with lots of other photos and other things from their lives together.
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          I have an Epson 2200, so I am able to print up to 13x19" (actually, if I got a roll of paper, I think I could print up to 13x44".) In the case of my husband's collage, I made it 12x16" because that was the size or pre-made frame I could find (cheap ).

          The kaleidoscope for my client was printed at 8x8" and it was going to be put on a 2'x3' posterboard I think.



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            Nite Owl was doing something interesting in this thread that you might want to consider - you could make one project picture that could be hung on the wall - containing many of their memories.

            Good luck


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              It was that exact thread that started me thinking I could make something else than just plastering a bunch of pictures together, but thanks anyway

              Doug ,
              What a wonderful idea. I helped () my son make a project for school and I printed this on handmade paper and it was wonderful! So this is really something to remember
              I only have to find a printer with archival inks that can print poster sized (I wouln’t want my hard work fade into oblivion, would I)

              I don’t have the printer but I definitely start looking for the cheap frame

              Well folks, I still have more than a year before shipping and I only have to do : find a decent recent pic from the both of them, digitize everything else, plonk them together once I decided what to do exactly and voila!



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