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Among the Ironmongery !

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  • Among the Ironmongery !

    I’m been fiddling with this image since I took it at a astronomy site last year. I’ve tweaked the highlights a little with dodge tool which has improved it somewhat. However never satisfied I’m looking for suggestions to give the sky a little more luminance without bringing in any more of the framework detail or foreground bush etc. I have a feeling its as good ‘as’ but perhaps it’s possible to wring a little more out of it. Or should I walk away ?.
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    To do that I would think you need to isolate the sky from the fore ground structures. Then just be careful your tweeking doesn't get too over done to look out of place with the rest of the scene.


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      Looks pretty good as is. Increasing the luminance of the sky might begin to distract from the dish and framework. Tom


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        Thanks both,

        I think its best left alone, it's lost a lot of tone in it's reduced state and I dont really want any more detail coming up from the steelwork or the image doesn't then work very well.


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          I like the image and the blue sky with the steel dish works well. My main comment would be that your eye isn't attracted to one particular element, thus there is no real 'focus' to the image. Is the viewer meant to be looking at the dish, the lighting effect in the background or something else. Still, a minor point.