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Help removing lines in a scan.

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  • Help removing lines in a scan.

    Hi all. i was wondering if anyone knew how to remove these lines in this scan. these are due to the material that the photgraph is made of. it seems to be a somewhat reflective umm grid/canvas like material? when i scanned it the light seemed to reflect of the lines. heres the pic. thanks in advance!

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    Try scanning at 45 degrees. Sometimes an odd angle helps, as well. You might even have to take bits from different scans at different angles. The only sure-fire way to avoid the problem in the first place is to use an even, diffused lighting setup and make a copy photo instead of a scan.
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      For What It's Worth....

      For what it's worth you could use a moire pattern removal filter to eliminate these scan lines. Although it is usually used to correct scans of printed images, it should work for this application too. I tried it with PSP 8 and works really well. PS has the same capabilities so there shouldn't be a problem with that. Anyway I thought you might like to know that. Good-luck and I hope this helps you in your endeavor.


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        Thanks everyone for the responses.
        ill give the moire pattern removal filter. but i dont know where its located at? is it a separate plugin/action?


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          Hi Mirwolf, welcome to Retouch Pro. The moire' filter doen't exist in Photoshop though I wish that Adobe would consider developing one. The texture pattern in your scan is different from the common moire'. Doug's suggestion is a good one, if you are the one who did the scan you might try his proceedure.

          Your question is a very common one. You might do a search on this forum on "texture". There has been a lot of discussion on this subject. There are several good methods to remove this but none of them are a quick fix and some are quite involved. It is very common problem because a lot of the older portraits were printed on heavy linen that usually has a texture.

          Good luck,


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            Same Capabilities....

            PS does have the same capabilities as PSP 8's moire pattern removal filter, it's called the median filter. The median filter can achieve the same outcome in PS as the moire pattern removal filter can in PSP 8. You can find the median filter in PS under filter/noise/median.


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              Hi all. i was unable to to fix the problem but i was able to make it "less" noticable by using a action called decrack. found here
              i have to use it again and again w/ a fairly high level and eventually it looked better but you can still see the texture.
              thanks everyone for helping!


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                You can use a software called NeatImage( The demo is free and it does almost all the work of the full version. May be this particular picture doesn't need so much work, but you can achieve very good results for a lot of images that have some regular pattern of noise running through them.