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  • Dot matrix printout

    Hello there!

    I have this age old pic of me and my lil' sis taken out via a dot matrix printer...Have given it a shot myself but my limited eXposure to Photoshop prevents me from doing a "great" or even a moderately decent restoration job at it...

    Would like to see the extent to which this archaic and rather indecipherable pic can be restored...anyone up for a challenge?

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    back from the matrix

    this time I put the pic where it belongs hehehe

    ok.. lets see if I remember what I did

    1 - made the pic greyscale
    2 - fixed a levels (50/1.99/255)
    3 - dupe layer and gaussian blured it (2.5)
    4 - dupe layer
    5 - filters - others - high pass (2.5) then overlayed it
    6 - merged all down
    7 - brightness/contrast (-8/+34)
    8 - new layer - overlayed (40%) - painted over with black
    9 - burned some parts of the pic
    10 - cut out nose and eyes from another pic - pasted over matrixpic and fixed levels until it looked ok
    11 - did some other stuff I really dont remember

    sorry, that's all I can think off right now. if i remember anything else I will let you know

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      Heavy restoration work is not really my area - so I did not bother too much with having a go at restoration...but I was interested in attempting to reduce/remove the dot matrix pattern and perhaps coming up with a more traditional poor image for restoration. <g>

      Basically a duped layer in darken mode, median/gblur/smart blur filtering. Overlay 50% gray layer, add noise with different settings a few times...and very minor burn work in a overlay layer with a very minor sharpen to enhance the new grain. Desaturation and minor curves.

      The larger the orginal scan and the smaller the final reproduction size the better the result in cases like this.

      Stephen Marsh.
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        With such photographs, I do not want to take a chance on repainting. If the features of the persons could be made better than before then leaving at that stage is what I prefer. Used ImageJ to even out the jaggies and then used the smooth filter twice. Enhanced contrast. The picture appeared better when reduced to the two sizes attached.
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          Motion blur 6 px left to right diagonal - repeat right to left diagonal.
          Duplicate layer mode - multiply 60% opacity.
          Merge visible to new layer.
          Duplicate layer - add noise - gaussian blur - 60% opacity. Mask all and paint back over faces.
          new layer - overlay mode and 6% opacity brush, paint over eyes, nostrils, mouth etc. Gaussian blur to soften.

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