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  • restore help

    Help needed. I repaired this photo and think it needs color adjustments. Could someone help with this?

    Here is the original.

    I retouched it in the next post.

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    I'll try this again, never have done this before. I hate to say it but I read the help section on this too!


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        Thanks again

        Thanks again, Photomauler, you sure are patient. That did the trick.

        Here is the restored picture. What does it need? Is it any good?
        I'm new to all of this. Had Picture It and went to Elements.

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          first of all

          you did a great restauration job on this pic

          all i can really think of is that you could convert your layer to greyscale and make new layers, put them to color and paint in the colors by hand

          there are great tutorials in this site where you can read the basics for that job
          I've read it and it's really not that hard :p

          good luck


          ps: Im playing around with your pic but i cant make a great job now cause my boss is watching so i dont surf the web.... lucky me he's not that smart hahaha


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            Good idea

            Thanks for the idea of coloring. I have never tried that, I'll look for the tutorials about it.
            And thanks for the kind words about the restore. I didn't know if I could do more.
            Can't wait to see what you can do with this picture.
            Colorizing.....neat idea.
            Thanks, kat

            Does everyone have a hard time being objective when they are playing with pictures? I never know if something looks alright or not.


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              the truth is
              Im never a 100% happy with what I do
              it's hard to know when to stop

              but the good part is that every once in a while
              you make something really really great

              and the best part is that even you know it :p

              that doesnt happend a lot to me but .. hey... Im a kid (not in real life ... I mean at restauration hehehehe)
              just never give up and dont be afraid to say

              "ok, all wrong... revert image... start from the top"



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                just fooling around

                well... here is a super-fast-colored version of your pic
                if you take your time you can make it look much much better then my version

                oh oh

                my boss is back


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                  Am I ever glad your boss isn't too smart!

                  That looks sharp! This is a super fast version??
                  You really have me fired up to try this colorizing!! I have a tutorial printed and ready to try.
                  Thanks you so much. Kat


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                    cutout in picture

                    I posted the original version with a cutout started, to show how I restored it.
                    This may be a well know technique, but I didn't know it when I started working on the picture.

                    1st try...I had tried to clone everything and had a mess.

                    2nd try... I tried cutting the picture where it was torn,with the lasso I think, then used the move tool to relocate it. That left the holes in the background.
                    Much easier to clone and copy and paste the background than faces.

                    Thanks again for the colorization. kat