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  • Need Help Please peoples

    I just wanna see what you lot can do, this is one out of four photos that didn't come out right...

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    "I just wanna see what you lot can do" isn't the best brief for letting us know what it is you're trying to accomplish or change . I've tried a quick (5 mins) fix - adjusting the colour balance, bringing some more contrast into the "flashed out" areas - but this is a pretty low-res image. Is it a scan of a film photo or a digital original? If it's a digital original then it might be worth using Neat Image or something like that to reduce the jaggies (I haven't done that as I've recently upgraded the computer and not got around to reinstalling Neat Image yet); if it's a scan from a "real" photo then it would be worth rescanning at a higher resolution.
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      Well thanks for that mate, not my fault 'bout the res, she scanned it, not me


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        Hmm yes, I have that problem when my mother scans things for me - she hasn't really got the hang of the fact that it's possible to scan at a higher res ... If you can get it rescanned at 300dpi (and preferably save your working copy as a tif rather than a jpg) then you'd have a lot more to work with - the problem with the current image is that working on the colour and contrast problems makes the resolution/jaggies problems worse.


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