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  • Really need help

    Sorry for the confusion. I thought my first posting was ok but for the photo. Sent the photo but forgot the posting.
    I need help with grandma's face, especially her lips. The color part is easy. The lips and her eye is a little harder than I thought.
    This photo was discovered folded by my wife and she would like to have it restored as much as possible. Also the legs on are faded or washed out, is there any way of recovering them.

    Again sorry for the confusion, this is my first forum.


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    Hi Dale, welcome to ReouchPro.

    It takes a little while to get used to the forum layout. When you miss posting a photo or want to add something more just click on post reply and you will creating another post entry in the same thread, keeping it all together.

    I did take a look at your photo. Grandma's face is very difficult. I would rescan with it turned sideways in the scanner. If you look at the direction of the shadows on the crease you will notice that the scanner's light is comming from one side only, creating a highlight on one side and a shadow on the other which both (the highlight and the shadow) hide the detail of her face. If you turn the photo sideways then the light will be going down the crease instead of across it.

    It also looks a little light, you might want to scan it a little darker.

    Good luck. Let me know how it works,


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      Thanks Roger
      As soon as I get the opportunity I'll try the rescan and let you know.