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Paper Texture Problem

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    I appreciate you efforts on this Andrew.
    I thought of NeatImage for this but knew that there would be loss in detail in the dress. Your kick at the cat doesn't look as bad as I thought it would. One place the detail was lost that I didn't think there was much of a texture problem was her hair.
    One thing that comes to mind to try and save detail in the dress is to maybe try a way of making the detail stand out more before applying MI. I'll have to see what I can do.


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      I tried looking for the detail in the dress, and I could not see it. Even after boosting the folds in the denoised image to the level they were in the noisy image, it was still not enough. If there is detail in there it is being obscured by the noise. Or at least, my eyes can't make it out.


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        In these photos there is practically none. In the original it is tough to see but like I said before "what little detail there is". Mostely shadowing that I'll try brushing in.


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          latest neat image pro plus 2.6 result
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