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    Hi friends,

    I try to change this skin tone. Originally her complexion is fair, but the photo does't. I have made it but not satisfied and don't want to hand color it. please help me to make her complexion fair.

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    There are a few ways to go, but this was the first Photoshop method I tried on the image - another time I might try something else:

    On a duped layer:

    Presuming sRGB as the original intent behind the images brightness...

    Apply Image command - source: red channel, target RGB composite channel, blend mode screen 50% opacity...then perhaps the fade command to luminosity or whatever you like.

    Then add blend if sliders to exclude the deep shadows (opt/alt click to split [gradate] the sliders blend range). Then a quick layer mask to hide other unwanted areas of the blend.


    Stephen Marsh.
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      I used the Diffuse Glow filter, and a mask to do this.

      I choose a color for her skin (RGB: 200,158,109) and set this as the paint swatch background color .
      I duplicated the image layer, applied Diffuse Glow at 0,17,14.
      I then applied a layer mask and masked off areas I wanted to keep.
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        Thanks VIKKI but pls help more

        Thanks a lot for this help but I have a problem, I could not get the result as yours, can't masked off,

        it will be more helpfull to me if u describe it elaborately please,

        thanks again


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          Could you be more specific about what you're having problems with?
          "can't masked off"
          Is that because of the software you are using, or because you don't know how to use layer masks?


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            I know how to use layer mask a little, so please describe me how to do that "masked off"



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              Here is a screenshot of how the layers and the mask look.
              This will show you how it is supposed to look. You'll have to take it from here.


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                Oops. Hit the "post" too soon.
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                  Oh thanks It works..


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                    This is my effort

                    Thanks Vikki, Realyy I dont know this method, u help me a lot..
                    here is my effort but I think It is not so good...

                    Also thanks to stephen...
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                      Your welcome.
                      I think it turned out pretty good!

                      If you want to lessen the effect, just adjust the layer opacity of the top layer. The lower the number, the less the effect will show through. Most times, this will give it a more realistic look because the original image is showing through more.