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Healing brush tool issue

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  • Healing brush tool issue

    Hello all,

    This is my first post on the retouch pro community forum and I hope the first of many (hopefully following ones will be for better reasons!)

    I'm having a stupid issue that I don't know how to fix.
    I'm at the very beggining of my retouching process, cleaning a portrait when I zoom out and discover many white pixels around the "cleaned" areas.
    I've retouched a lot of pictures before and never had this issue. I don't recall changing any parameters, I've always used the healing brush tool with a hardness around 90 and never had issues

    Do anybody knows whats going on? Is it a compression problem on the picture? Is it my settings that are wrong?
    I'm stuck with this one, would appreciate any help

    Thank you very much,


    White spots on the bottom of the cheek

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    Have you tried a quick print of just the affected area? They could be screen artifacts that don't show in print.
    Are you healing to a new layer? Always good practice, but sometimes the blend mode gets accidentally changed (same for pen settings)
    Have you tried manually selecting the healing source?
    If you reverse your primary colors (D, then X) do they show as black lines?
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      Hello Doug

      Thank you for giving me clues to follow.

      I printed the image and the defaults were not showing. So I guess it's just a Photoshop issue.
      I clean on a new layer and always sample the source manually. The blending modes are normal and revising the primary colors have no effect.
      It's just a visual thing showing at some zoom percentage, but tried a few images and it's the same issue.

      Knowing that it's just a "visual bug", I just decided to retouch from my laptop for the cleaning process. When I came back on my big screen for dodge and burn the pixels were not showing…
      Still a mystery but at least I can keep on working.

      Thank you for giving me your time


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        Most visual bugs in Photoshop are only visible in some magnifications. Try 100%, 150%, etc. It's the arbitrary zooms like 318.3% that sometimes freaks it out.
        Learn by teaching
        Take responsibility for learning