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What is this dark halo & how can I fix it?

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  • What is this dark halo & how can I fix it?


    This is a small area crop on a very large file
    Sony A7R3 Raw file
    In the Lens Correction tab I've checked the box to remove chromatic aberrations and to enable profile corrections.
    Is there a simple fix?
    Other than dodging and trying to match the surround which Ive tried unsuccessfully

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    Just a guess, but it appears to have been oversharpened (see the white line around the squirrel)
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      Yes, it is sharpened in Adobe Camera Raw.
      But now I have turned off the sharpening (to 0) and attached another pic where you can still see the dark halo.

      It is a very small part of a larger scene but even wide the dark halo is visible - Ive attached a low res crop that shows a bit more of the scene (I can't fit it all within to the 100kb limit)

      I can kinda understand the white line as being an artifact of the dark/light contrast, but the dark feathered halo ?
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        I went back to the raw file and moved the Brightness slider back to zero (it was at -100). Now the image is washed out and incorrectly exposed but the dark halo has gone. I never would have thought that the Brightness slider would do that.
        Now to try and get back to the look without the brightness slider mm...
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          I think you're taking the right approach. Methodically testing each setting is a smart way to go.

          I'm still seeing sharpening halo even with sharpness set to zero. Did your camera capture RAW or JPG? It appears some sort of preprocessing was applied.
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            It was shot as a Raw file (I only shoot raw).
            Processed in ACR.
            i added a small amount of the new Texture (setting the slider at 10)
            and some Clarity slider.
            Maybe those are creating the problem you see.


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