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Losing Layer Style

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  • Losing Layer Style

    I'm totally baffled about this.
    For some reason, I'm losing part of my layer "style" when I flatten layers in Photoshop. It doesn't happen all the time, and I can't figure it out.
    I've searched Google, and a few others are having this problem, but there aren't any clear answers or solutions.
    Anyone have any ideas about this?

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    Vikki,Have you tried Adobe User to User forums?There are many pros who are happy to help.


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      Thanks Don, but I did some more searching and I think I found the answer.
      Apparently, if you are viewing the image at any zoom less then 100% it distorts the effect. Viewing at 100 percent works, and the effect stays intact.


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        Glad you solved the problem.Thanks for the info


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