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  • Need Big Help With My Pic

    I need big help with this picture of me. I'd love to look thinner under the chin and the acne and dark circle have got to go. can you help? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Let me try that again. Great now I can't post my picture. HELP!


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      Thomas, if you've already checked that the file size of your image is under 100K, it's most likely that you tried to "Preview" your post before actually submitting. For some reason, previewing will delete your attachment. So, try just submitting directly.



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            Here's my attempt...

            Basically, used Liquify (plus some cut-and-paste layers) for reshaping and the "Using the History Brush and Blending Modes" technique from Katrin Eismann's book for skin texture. Also removed glare and tidied up the eyes and background a bit.

            For future reference, one of the reasons the original photo didn't come out too well is that the camera position was too low in relation to your head. To reduce the appearance of a heavy neckline, try to raise the camera or lower yourself so it's shooting more from above you...
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