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  • unable to open images

    Hi, I am unable to open challenge images as listed. photoshop, etc. will not open an image with a AOL *.art or *.jg extension. Tried converting it to a *.jpg, without luck. I use Compuserve 7.0. Any ideas?

    Thanks, Jeff

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    Jeff, if you don't get an answer by tonight -- send the website owner an email -- click on the sidebar Menu where it says "Contact" to get his address.

    It might help if you would give some more details of your problem. All the images on this website - in the Challenges area as well as the Photo Art Mini Challenges, etc. are in jpeg format -- they should be viewable to any internet browser. I don't quite understand why you're bringing up the AOL .art format. When you download an image from this website to your computer, use "Save Picture As" and it should automatically save as a jpg file -- unless you change the type of file format at your end. Perhaps CompuServe does something -- have you been able to download images from other websites (outside CompuServe) and open them in PShop?

    I'm sure someone will be able to help you figure out the problem -- and then you can start working on a Challenge!


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      If you're using the AOL browser (you don't have to, you know. Just use AOL to connect then fire up any old browser you prefer) and have image compression on in the options it will convert JPG images over to their proprietary ART format. You can turn off the image compression option and they should show as JPG images (and show as higher quality, to boot).

      Right-clicking on an image should offer you the option of saving in different formats, but remember you'd be converting a file to JPG that has already been converted once away from JPG, so I really don't recommend this option.
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        This works on XP and EI6:
        You can drag and drop images from your browser, right into a folder.