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first attempt after reading my KE book

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  • first attempt after reading my KE book

    Hi everyone
    this is a picture of my father when he was young, this is the scanned in picture i'll upload my attempt at restoring it seperately
    could you all look at it and give me some suggestions for the mouth ? i cant get one side of it to look right , ive tried everything, building it up bit by bit from the othe side but it still looks dodgy , do you think ?
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    fathers picture after

    looking forward to your feedback
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      Hi Jogray, nice restoration - my only comment on the mouth at first glance would be to add an impression of a cheek crease, from the outside of the nose down to the mouth, similar to the original.

      Perhaps something as simple as a burn toning move to slightly darken (or go opposite and dodge lighten) - or perhaps a bit of both on each side.

      I looked at the restored version first before the original, so that I would not be too biased, knowing that you were unhappy with the mouth. I think you have done a great job and that perhaps close personal knowledge of the subject tends to make your view a bit less objective?

      Or am I missing something?


      Stephen Marsh.


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        thankyou Stephen !

        Stephen i think i sat and looked at it too long
        your right about the creases , i'll give it a try.
        also did you notice the white above the lip as if my dad has been drinking a glass of milk ? lol i tried all ways to get that off but everything i tried made the mouth look false
        Jo x


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          Jo, here is an example of rubber stamp work done in darken blend mode, with the tool at 30% opacity (painted on a new transparent layer above the image).

          Darken blend mode will not affect the darker pixels, but it will blend into the lighter areas that are distracting.

          Then minor monochromatic noise was added and faded back to help maintian texture. Just to show that you do not need the new healing tools of later versions of Photoshop, although they are very helpful.

          Hope this helps,

          Stephen Marsh.
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