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    I came across this old photo of my parents. It seems to be in fairly good shape except for the faces. Could you suggest someting I might try to clarify their faces?

    I'm using psp 8 but haven't had much luck so far. The attached pic is the original before I did any work on it. I can sharpen and clarify the surroundings but can't seem to improve on the faces.

    Thanks for any suggestions.
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    I gave this a try with the highpass filter. I copied the image to a new document and duplicated it. I ran the highpass filter set at 4.5 on the duplicated layer and then set that layer's blending mode to overlay.

    There are some artistic folks here that can advise you about adding some highlights to your mother's eyes to set them off.

    Hope this helps, Margaret
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      I can definitely see a distinct improvement in the faces. They are much clearer now.

      I'm not familiar with the high pass filter. Guess I'm gonna have to bite the bullet one of these days and invest in PS.

      Thanks so much for your help I really appreciate it.



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        Margaret has the right idea. You might even want to try different sharpnesses on different areas.

        I intensified the effect by duplicated the background layer, setting the blending mode to Hard Light, and running the Highpass Filter with a 3.7 radius.

        Then I duplicated the highpass layer 3 more times.

        I was only looking at the woman, this is too sharp for other areas.
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          Sorry K, I missed the part about the PSP 8. Is there not a highpass filter in PSP??

          There are some PSP users on here too, hopefully one of them will respond.

          Thanks for the feedback Doug, I will try duplicating the layers.



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            I found this site that seems to have a lot of tutorials etc. for Paint Shop Pro.

            I'm not suggesting that you leave here, but they might have information about how to duplicate the effect of PhotoShop's high pass filter.

            hope this helps, Margaret


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              I don't wanna leave, I love it here Just kidding.

              Thanks for the link I'll check it out.

              The wealth of information on this site just boggles my mind and I am so glad I found it.

              Thanks again for all the help.



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                This was done with Photoshop 7.0
                1. Dust and scratches filter
                2. Unsharp mask filter
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                  High Pass Filter in PSP8

                  In Paint Shop Pro 8 look under Effects > User Defined > Presets and scroll down to high pass.


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                    Thanks so much for all your help. The picture looks so much better now.

                    Thanks again so much.