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  • Flora
    Hi Joseph,

    beside the excellent tips you got from Margaret and Roger, if you work with Photoshop 7, here is another way which I used trying to restore your picture .... the new Healing with Pattern technique from Katrin Eisman's book (Second Edition).

    Please, let me know if you'd like a detailed explanation of the steps I took to get to this result ....
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  • sage150
    Thanks again, Roger,

    I've copied and pasted your notes for further reference.
    As far as teeth go you did a wonderful overall job of the picture
    and the teeth were alright the way they look.The overall
    photo captured her persona.Considering that you never saw
    any other photos of the subject,you were extremely close to
    the mark.I must keep practicing to try to get that same overall
    effect ; if that's possible.

    Thank you kindly for the tips.


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  • roger_ele

    Thanks, as I look at it again I think I might have the nose a little bright also. It was too dark and then I fixed it ...

    I forgot to mention that I also added a color fill layer set to color blending mode to remove the distraction of the different colors.

    A couple of thoughts;

    -on detail areas, (earring in ear, pupils, eyelashes, etc.); use a light touch with little dots placed where you think the shape should be, then fill in with little dots and build up the shape gradually. I often do this with the clone tool with 'use all layers' and 'aligned' both turned off.

    -on areas that need shading to brinmg shape out in clothing and skin. It is easiest to think of that not as drawing but as lightening and darkening (even though you can also use the clone tool to add the lighter and darker areas from similar cloned from spots)

    -instead of looking at the object you are restoring as a whole concentrate on the shapes of the highlights (the lightest areas that reflect the light source) and especially concentrate on the shapes that the areas of shadow make. These two things put together will create the shape for you.

    Next on my list is learning how teeth should look

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  • sage150
    Hi Roger,

    If I can learn to restore 1/10 of what you can do I'll be
    very happy.Unbelievable how you brought that picture back
    to life.I've been trying to work with it all day.All I could
    accomplish was a real mess.My picture is all out of definition
    and began to look like a cartoon again.Not even a nice
    looking cartoon.
    Thank you so much for what you have accomplished with it.
    Unlike other photo's that I have tried to restore this one was
    very different because I seem to be having a difficult time
    trying to put the definition of the face in as you have done.
    This couldn't have been an easy task because I've been trying
    for quite a long time to restore it to somewhat of a photo.
    Except for just a very slight part of the look this came out
    exceptional.You are so right when you mentioned the teeth.
    That's probably where it is.

    Thank You Again and Again,


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  • roger_ele

    Here is my try. This is hard to explain because it is more of a painting mindset, I hope you like it. I didn't get the teeth right yet and I guessed on the shape of parts of her face...

    Rough overview of steps;

    -duplicated background, turned off and on layer I worked on to check the integrity of the shapes
    -painted over background
    -painted over the worst of the damaged areas with the approximate brightness, then used patch tool bring in texture and the clone tool to blend
    -added a little light painting to eyes and built up what I thought they would look like (copied pupil to other eye), clone tool on teeth and lips, painted a little.
    -smudge tool on skin once the obvious damage was mostly removed to average skin brightness being carefull to paint with the smudge tool following the lines and contures.
    -added noise, then blurred noise slightly.

    Hope this helps,
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  • sage150
    Thanks Margaret, I will print your advice out right now.
    The picture certainly looks much clearer and sharper.
    I really like what you were able to accomplish with
    Have a great day.


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  • winwintoo
    Hi Sage, I started working on this last night and didn't finish and don't think I'll have time today so thought I'd post my progress so you'd have an idea what I did.

    I duplicated the background layer a coupld of times. Then I blurred the middle layer until most of the gunk disappeared.

    Next, I put a blank layer at the top of the stack, made it the active layer and using the clone stamp set to "use all layer", cloned over the mess on her chest and dress. I also did a bit of airbrush over her hair.

    I selected everything on the cloning layer and added some noise and then blured to give the skin some texture.

    When I look now, I realize I should have put the dress cloning on a different layer than the skin cloning so that I could give the dress a different texture than the skin.

    I also selected the woman and removed the background since it didn't seem to hold any significant information and if I was to finish this project, I would create a new backdrop.

    Here's my effort, hope it helps, Margaret
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  • sage150
    started a topic Tried and Tried

    Tried and Tried

    This photo was damaged by salt water.I have tried to restore
    it on a number of tries but it always winds up looking like a
    cartoon.I have tried using the clone tool in Photoshop on it
    but I can't seem to get the right blend in and it loses it's
    anatomy in the facial area.Would anyone have any idea's of
    how I should approach this picture?

    I should state that I am very new to this and haven't a real
    clue on many of the techniques most of you are using.I have done
    some restoration on my old black and white photo's and I enjoy
    colorizing photo's a great deal.

    As you can see by my statement's I am new to this forum.
    I have read and looked at much of the work being done on here
    and I must state that you are all very talented.

    Thank You.
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