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Take the blue out of my christmas

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  • Take the blue out of my christmas

    If this post shows up twice it will be because while trying to review it, it disappeared. My apologies if that happens.

    This picture was taken through glass so there are problems as you will see. I have done some work on it and though there are some things I can do there are more that I cannot. After looking at the work being done on this forum I can see there are much more capable hands than mine...and I'm so excited!
    I am unable to remove the blue in that particular area without changing other colors also. I just don't have the know-how. Whatever is done to it please let me know so I can learn the technique myself.
    I took the easy way out in regards to the date..crop. No excuses except cloning is the only way I would know how to fix this and it's not my favorite tool. I would love to learn a better way.

    I will post my finished product in another email.

    I'm having problems attaching the file so I will try doing it this way.

    Last but not least, thank you all very very much.

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    Take the blue out of my Christmas part 2

    As promised here is my rendition of my previously posted photo.
    I'm still blue.

    All help and improvement is much appreciated.



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      Hi Blu,

      Don't be blue. Simply set the black and white end points. Add a curves layer to your photo. Then click on the right eye dropper. This is for white. Move the eyedropper onto your image and click on an item that should be white. I used the items in the upper right corner. Then click on the left eye dropper. This is for black. Again move it to the image and click on something that should be black. I used what appeared to be black velvet in the lower center item. Finally, click on the middle eye dropper. This is gray. Hard for me to decide what was a gray item. I setteled on the item below the oblong shaped ornament on the tree.


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        Take the blue out of my Christmas part 2

        Hi Blu,

        I guess I must have misunderstood your message.
        What I tried to do was get the blue color out of
        the picture.I like Catia's rendition of your picture
        much better than I like my rendition.
        I figured I'd put it up so you can make another
        comparison.I'm a beginner to this art and I need all
        the help I can get.
        What I did was to use curves first then I used the
        various tools such as rectangular and elliptical
        marquee tools;I also used the polygonal lasso tool.
        Then once I had a small section of blue lassoed,I
        then used the color balance tool.
        After my trying to work with it and seeing Catia's
        solution I feel I had a good lesson for today.
        Thanks to both of you.
        By the way, I like the picture very much.

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          Here is your method with a quick way of making sure you aren't loosing detail on the ends. This way taught to me by another photographer ... it is based on a technique taught by Eddie Tapp with a correct by the numbers in Levels, but this uses curves, so we call it 'quick Eddie' ...

          Open curves,
          -double click on the white eyedropper, select a spot on the image that should be white or off-white, click on it (that sets the new target color for white), then in the color picker dialog box grab the slider and move it over so that the target color is now the same brightness, but without a color cast. Click OK to close the color picker. Then with the white eyedropper still selected click the same white/off-white spot.
          -Do the same thing for black, the gray if you need to.
          -When you close curves, Photoshop will ask 'Save the target colors as default?', click no.

          This might sound complicated, but believe me, it is quick and sweet without lost detail!



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            image didn't attach ...
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              I'm not sure what the correct way to thank people is around at a time or in one post but...

              Thanks to all of you for your work! I'm astounded at the quick response and the help so freely given. I'm going to take all the know-how and put it to work. If I have any success I will surely let you know.

              Thanks Joseph! I like the photo also and have plans to make a Christmas card out of it. It was taken in Vence in front of a little shop called 'La Louisianne'. I am originally from Louisiana and that made it even more special.
              I thought I had brightened it up enough to suit me but looking at your photo I can see I didn't. It's so helpful to have other viewpoints.

              Keep on smilin'



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                Christmas window re-post

                Well, I don't know what to say but thanks. It's been an experience. The photo is not totally without blue and there's definitely some degradation but only if your looking for it, I think.
                The pic is so busy it's hard to tell what you're looking at.
                I'm pleased about having a better photo but more pleased at learning..and it's only my second day. WOW!
                I've had Photoshop for yonks and it's always scared me to death. You have to actually know something to use it. So, get used to seeing me around. I've a lot to learn.

                Oh yes, I worked on my curves but I also found the selective color table to be helpful also. I've never used it before but after a push from you folks I thought I might as well see what the other tools did. I may actually get over my fear of Photoshop.
                I also added a bit more contrast and pushed a few more buttons that I can't recall. I guess I will have to start writing this stuff down.

                If anyone else works on it please post and tell me what you did. It seems there are several ways around problems.

                Merci beaucoup!


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                  Hi Blu,

                  If you select Post Reply rather than New Thread, your posts will remain together on a single thread. Use New Thread when you are starting a completely new topic.



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                    Thanks Catia, it will probably take me a bit to get the hang of things but I'll get there.


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                      Hi Blu,

                      here is my way in trying to fix your picture:

                      1) I looked at the Channels, activated (highlighted) the 'Blue Channel' and used 'Image > Apply Image' with the following values:
                      Source Channel = Green
                      Target Channel = Blue
                      Blending = Multiply
                      Opacity = 80%

                      2) Still working on the Channels, I used the 'Levels' to slightly adjust the Red and Green Channels.

                      3) Selective Color Adjustment Layer for a final tweak on the individual colours.

                      I didn't touch contrast or brightness because I kind of liked a softer, muted 'Christmasy' light .... but it's only my taste...
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                        Hi Flora,

                        Thanks for working on my card and telling me how you fixed it. You did a great job. I like the card both soft and bright. Maybe I will have to make two versions of my Christmas card eh? I'm going to work on the card using your technique for the experience.



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                          Hi Blu,

                          Welcome! I've just merged all of your threads into this one, so if you're looking for them, they're all here!



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                            Thanks Jeanie! Sorry to be so much trouble. I read the faqs but can't keep the all the faqs in my head.



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                              Blu, you're not any "trouble". It can take a while to get used to things here because the site has so much to offer. And we'd much rather you participate than sit there trying to memorize the FAQs!



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