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Completely Puzzled Over Eyelashes~

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  • Completely Puzzled Over Eyelashes~

    Believe it or not, these two pair of eyes are the same person. One is before an enhancement, and the other is after. Yes, the eye color was changed and the pupils were enlarged and the light flash redone... but how in the world were these eyelashes done? I have heard they are best done in Corelpaint Draw(please correct me if I am wrong), but I would also love to see them done in photoshop or PSP, if at all possible. Please play with the original eyes and see if you can come up with a way to do eyelashes similar to this and let me know how. If you know of a better program to create these eyelashes, that will be a great start too. I saw a sample of Maa's eyelashes on these boards, and love her eyelash work as well. I am simply tired of trying to figure this out and am SO excited to have found these boards tonight!!!

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!
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    You can do this in Photoshop (you can do anything in Photoshop!)
    Simply set the brush to fade and draw in the lashes. Lower the fade for shorter lashes, and of course, increase the number for longer lashes. The size of your brush will determine how thick each lash is.

    Personally, I don't care for this kind of enhancement. To me, the eyes do not look the same as the original at all. The "enhanced" eyes look identical to each other (copy, flip & paste) with only the postion of the catch light being different.


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      I meant to attach this brush screenshot:
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        Thank you so much Vikki, yes, I agree, the eyes look SO alike~ I won't be using this 'enhancement' much, but some people love this look (esp. pageant moms). I have always wondered how others do it. I appreciate your help greatly!


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          I would most likely leave the eyes themselves alone, and only do the eyelashes. This may make the eyes seem more 'real'. Does this sound right to you? Thanks again~


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            Re: eyelashes

            About a year ago someone sent me a jpg image of three sets of eyelashes from here. One was thick and long, other was long and thin, and last one was just a little long. They are three came together as one image, which I separated myself. I got a virus on my computer and lost everything including these lashes. Since then, I've just not been able to get them quite right. If anyone has 3 sets of lashes in one image, please let me know because more than likely, this is the person I received them from. They were wonderful and looked very real. Please email if you know of anyone who may have had this.


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              Re: Completely Puzzled Over Eyelashes~

              Kneff, do a search for eyelash brushes on this forum. Flora posted a set of three eyelashes a while back that may be what you're looking for.

              Regards Vicki.


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                Re: Completely Puzzled Over Eyelashes~

                Thats who it was!! Flora! Let me see if I can figure out how to do a search..LOL I don't come here often. Thank you so much!!!


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                  Re: Completely Puzzled Over Eyelashes~

                  No, I take that back. Flora's lashes was one, but not the ones I used all the time. These were complete eyelash sets (both top and bottom attached) and were in jpg form. But thanks so much!! I'll keep looking.
                  I think it may have been a guy that sent these to me.


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                    Re: Completely Puzzled Over Eyelashes~

                    not sure if this is what you want but i found this link on this forum.


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                      Re: Completely Puzzled Over Eyelashes~

                      enhancefanatic....Hope you enjoy the forum
                      Here's just a quickie to show you what you can do with Flora's eyelash brushes, no other edits done. (I'm sure you'll do it much better) Just make sure you do each of them on seperate layers and make your brush size too large to start with, then do one click at full opacity for each eye and then free transform each eyelash to suit each eye, then set opacity slider to suit.
                      Enjoy the forum.....John
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                        Re: Completely Puzzled Over Eyelashes~

                        You can also do a search on this site to find some pre-made eyelash brushes:

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