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Reviving a WWII treasure

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  • Reviving a WWII treasure

    AM refreshing the following photo . Would like to enlarge it to at least a 4x6. Original is 2.98 x 5.2 scanned at res 300.

    Orig scan is on this post. I have found best grey channel, blurred backgrounand rendered clouds, brightened his features, cloned out some cracks.

    Then I wanted to put the writing from the back of the photo onto the front. So made a layer and dragged it over. Added some width at this time to fit writing but now res is 260.

    End result is OK. But very snowy. What can I do to overcome this? Or should I not try to enlarge photo.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    He is a wonderful octogenarian now and this is going to be a nice present to him.
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    Here are words on back of photo.
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      And now the grey version. Which I have printed 4x6 res 260 and find results snowy.
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        I d/l your image and passed it through Neat Image.
        I found the link to the Neat Image site on the is Forum.
        It looked real nice after I applied it.I was going to u/l
        the result on here to show you but I would have had
        to save the picture as a web page photo to get it
        down to less KB.When I checked out the image in PS
        it had lost the quality of the original so I decided against
        u/l because it wasn't a good picture to show.

        There is a demo version of Neat Image that can be d/l at
        their site.Just click on Neat Image.

        Are you going to colorize it?It's a very nice picture.


        Neat Image


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          Have downloaded Neat Image and will try to use it. It sounds complicated. Will have to spend some time reading the user guide. Do you recall what settings you used???
          Does it only work on JPEG ,TIFF,etc. files??? I did not see PSD as an option.

          I haven't thought about colorizeing it because I don't know what color the outfit would be. Sepia will be nice.

          I just know the final result can be better.

          Thanks, Joseph


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            Good Day Cinderella,

            All I did was open the picture in Neat Image.I then made
            my box in a clear area of the background and clicked the
            button on the right.I then went to the next tab to sample the
            change and dragged another box over the facial area of
            the person.Seeing it was clear I went to the last tab and
            clicked 'apply'.I then saved it.All this was done in jpg format
            because I had previously loaded the picture in PS and saved
            it as a jpg.I was very curious as to the color's of the shawl
            and clothing.I then found a web page with the colors blue
            and red and wanted to see what would happen if I tried
            colorizing it with those colors.
            What you'll see is a very rough idea of the concept.Anyone
            with the patience to tackle the pattern could do a much
            better job than I did.I didn't finish it but I figured I'd give
            you a rough idea on it.

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              Very nice Joseph. How did you color the plaid????
              I'm still playing around with neat image. Gets good results. Need to read the basics like - does the image have to be in color mode?


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                The image can be either/or B&W or Color. I didn't tweak
                anything.All I did was open it,went to the second tab and
                dragged a box large enough to anylze the picture (in a solid
                area) clicked the analyze button on the right,then went to
                the third tab and dragged a box around the face area to
                see what it did,once I was satisfied it worked I went to
                the fourth tab and clicked apply.I did not do any tweaking
                at all.I haven't read the docs yet.

                With colorizing I guess there are so many different
                approaches to it and I guess some techniques are better
                than others.Different kinds of techniques can be used
                for the same picture.I read a tutorial recently that uses
                curves to color.The way I colored was based on the
                tutorial I found at TV Tech and originally from the DV Garage.
                There is an explanation and a video online.I am placing the link
                to it below.Good Luck with the picture,it's a real nice one.

                JosephColorizing Photo


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                  You'd probably need to find a military expert to find out the regiment and then look up what color the tartan is meant to be - color a tartan wrongly and you'll bring the wrath of patriotic Scots down on your heads

                  Neat Image is a marvellous product! You can use it on images in color or b/w but there are different modes for the two...


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                    I have to agree with you Leah, those colors are most likely
                    way off the right mark.And that's not a musical instrument
                    that he is holding in his hand.

                    I searched and found numerous colors and different styles
                    for Scottish Uniforms.



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                      THanks for the color TUT. I will try his techniques.

                      Regarding Neat Image. Should I use that first, before I make other corrections and improvements or should I use it last, after all other tweaking is finished???

                      Going to try and include a smilie now.
                      Hmmm, Why didn't I get a yellow face????

                      Have a great day.


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                        Here is a Challenge that is remarkably similar to what you have

                        Learn by teaching
                        Take responsibility for learning


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                          I hadn't seen that challenge,unbelievable.A real treasure
                          throve of information to be had.Some real wonderful
                          examples of restorations very similar to this project.
                          I will have to look at these techniques closely.I already
                          sighted some hints and techniques, I wanted to know about
                          with just a quick scan of the page.

                          Thanks Doug,



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                            Hi Joyce!

                            As I already mentioned in the "my Dad" Thread, here is the result I got working on your lovely picture.

                            Of the methods described in my Tutorial, I used 'The curves' only ...

                            For the general Enhancements I did the same as explained in "my Dad"

                            Please, don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like me to be more specific on something.

                            P.S. I removed what I took to be a tear in the backdrop at the near bottom left (my left) of the picture .... but maybe it was part of the landscape ....
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                              Hi Flora,
                              My computer has been down for a week so I am just now getting back to you.
                              You gave the photo dimension which is what it lacked.
                              I made a stab at duplicating your technique as described in the tut and "My Dad" but ended up with a dark and worse looking photo.

                              Did you start by converting to grey???? Or proceed with the yellow.??? I really like the sepia in your final.

                              Guess I could use some details , if you still remember after this amount of time.

                              Thanks for taking the time to work on this photo. Joyce


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