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How to make tables in Elements?

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  • How to make tables in Elements?

    Rather embarrassingly, I posted my feeble little request in the wrong place on Retouch. Ahem, so here I go again.

    I'm using Elements2 and I love it. A friend has asked me to make a calendar using a photo of hers. I thought this would be easy and was planning some nice designs. Now I can't figure out at all how to make those calendar boxes/tables/whatdyamacallits. I tried making a table in Word and pasting it in, but that was unsatisfactory. If I try to simply make a text layer in Elements with the calendar info on, the formatting is all to pot.

    Can anyone help please? Thanks in advance.

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    Since going from Word to Elements isn't cutting it, maybe this will work instead.

    In Elements crop / color correct / do whatever you need to do to the pic(s). Save in .jpg format.

    In Word:
    * Create your calendar and whatever text you want.
    * From the Insert menu choose > Picture > From File -- and insert the .jpg (or .jpgs) you created in Elements. Use Word's tools to position, size, crop.
    * Save and print

    Will this work for you?



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      Thanks so much for your reply. In the end, I got stubborn and laboured away with the grid in Elements on and MADE it work. Not the most efficient use of time, but I really wanted to keep the project in Elements in the end. But thanks for giving me a (much more sensible) solution! Appreciated.

      BTW, as someone who's fairly new to all this, I'm finding Retouch Pro a great boon.