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help telling if my monitor is crt or lcd

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  • help telling if my monitor is crt or lcd

    I am trying to calibrate my monitor with the one-eye device. One of the first questions asked though was if my monitor was a lcd or crt type monitor. I thought almost all monitors were lcd, but then started to rethink it. It seems that maybe most desktop monitors (which is what I am using) are CRT monitors.
    I want to make sure this calibration is 100% correct before I return it.
    Can anyone help me tell what monitor I have?

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    Does it have a "tube"? That is, is it more than a couple of inches deep? If it does, it's a CRT monitor. LCD monitors also usually have a flexible screen (ie: it will deform a little when you press on it). It should also say so prominently in all support and marketing materials for your model.
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      it's like a foot and a half deep. It's HUGE! So I'm going to go with the fact that it's crt. I did check through the packing materials though and I could not find the words crt anywhere in the book.
      Thanks for the help,


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