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  • correct for flourescent lite

    How can I correct the greenish "before" photo to look more like the "after" photo? The green one was taken under flouresent lite without a flash and the other was with flash in the same room. I am using PhotoShop 7 ut have been unable to find the key to correcting this mess. Thanks for any help. Tom
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    I got this result by simply using curves and increasing the curve on the red channel only. I think it looks pretty realistic.

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      Thanks for the reply! Your result is terrific compared to what I have been able to do after several hours (yes, hours) of trying. Tom


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        You appear to have a greenish color cast - LAB is excellent in dealing with color casts.

        I converted to LAB, then moved the upper right corner to the left - input 115 - output 127. That dealt with the color cast, but I leave the fine-tuning of skin color to you!

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          Hi Tom

          Actually, I think your pic with the flash is even worse. Here's how to get more accurate color with the push of a button.
          Open any picture. Go to your Curves dialogue box. Click on Options. Choose "Find Dark & Light Colors". Put check mark in "Snap Neutral Midtones". Double click the Shadows box and put the value of 20 in each of the RGB boxes. Click OK. Double click the Midtone color patch and enter 128 in each of the RGB boxes. Do the same for highlights but use the value 240. Now before you're finished, make sure you click the "Save as defaults" button below highlights. Click OK.
          What the above does is "properly" adjust color in your photos. Now whenever you open a picture that needs correcting just open either Curves or Levels and click on the Auto button.
          I hope this doesn't sound complicated cause it's easy to set up.
          Here's what I ended up with using this technique on both your pictures.

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