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  • Image downloading problems

    don't know if anyone can help me here. As far as i know i have'nt changed any settings on my browser, but when i try to download an image file from the web, the only option i got is to save it as a bmp file! The "save As" dialogue box always says "Untitled" by default, & bmp is the only option in the "Save As File Type" dialogue box. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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    Go to Internet options in your IE window and click on delete files. This will clean out your Internet temporary files and should fix the problem.



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      Catia is right...

      If your browser's temporary Internet files and history are very full, then the browser will only save your images as bmp files. To correct the problem in Internet Explorer 6.0:

      Select "Internet Options" from the Tools pull-down menu.

      Under "Temporary Internet Files," click Delete Cookies....

      Under "Temporary Internet Files," click Delete Files....

      Under "History," click Clear History.

      Click OK.


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        I had this problem recently - I am on AOL, and apparently AOL "compress" images before viewing. This can be turned off under AOL preferences. (Thanks to Doug for pointing this out to me).



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          Thanks guys! That certainly did the trick. I think my whole hard drive needs a good clear up, not just my internet temp folder. Thanks again, i appreciate your help :-)


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